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The Elvis Presley Tribune!

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 The Elvis Presley Tribune is currently moving. We are sorry to say our site is no longer up for the rest of July and will no longer be seen here at Tripod/Lycos. We are happy to say that we have moved to our own domain: , will forever be our home from now on. The new site begins August 5th, 2003 at midnight! We are extatic with excitment as to how our new site will be received. We feel it will be a hundred times better with more viewers too. Thanks to everyone who has supported us here at Tripod for over a year, and to those who have supported us throughout our two years, period. We are aware that the site is listed as a top informational source over all and for concert information at ElvisStartpage; our apologies if you have come to our site to view it for any of those two reasons; but we assure you that our new site will be better than ever for these references. Thanks so much, we'll see you on August 5th!


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