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"I'm afraid to wake up each morning. I can't believe all this has happened to me. I just hope it lasts"!

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elvis, elvis, elvis!

Welcome to The Latest!  If you want the complete story on the latest Elvis News, Polls, Chats, Events and more go to The Elvis Presley Tribune Fan Forum, links are all over the site. It's free and easy. Think of a member name and password and your in, there is even more than than one Elvis community, join em' all. On this page you'll find the updates at the Forum including the current news, polls, chats, talks, events and pictures. Plus so much more. So take a look, if you want more, go to the fan forum now! Enjoy!

In The News:
3) E* Watch: the new boxset Today, Tomorrow and Forever!
4) ~The Presley Updates~: Elvis 30 Number 1Hits, the site!
5) The Elvis Presley Tribune: Update 6/17!!
the official site!

Top Stories:
The Presley Updates: The new animated movie featuring five Elvis songs is due to hit movie theaters in ealry June, right around my birthday!  The big news in the USA is that the soundtrack hits stores on June 11th and it comes with a 24page read along book. Here is the theatrical trailer: Lilo and Stitch!
E:Watch On: The remix single of 'a little less conversation' has hit number 1 on four major European Charts, including giving Elvis 18 number 1 singles in the U.K. which beat out the beatles for the most.

Elvis Talk:
-Elvis Petitions!
-Elvis Week Contest!(Winner and July) 
-Elvis 'Round The World!(Elvis In Movies)
-Paul McCartney Concert!
Elvis Images:
- 2 pictures from member!
-CD: "For The Asking"!
-New CD: "Another Night in Tahoe"!

a little less conversation!
new elvis single release!

    Elvis Events:
   -Elvis Week Contest: Details!
   -Elvis Items I got for my B-day!
   -Weekly Song Lyrics: "The Wonder of You"!
    These are events or fun things that are
    happening within the week or month!
   Elvis Poll:
   -This weeks poll pertains to your favorite Elvis movie of the 1950's!
   Our Pre-EW2002 Monthly Marathon Is In Full Swing!

spring tours 77!
new release cd!

pre-order now!
today, tomorrow and forever!

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