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issue 6!

Welcome To Our Reviews Of Elvis-Today! On this page you'll find Mike's reviews of the Elvis Magazine, Elvis-Today. We will try to have updated photos but at the present time, Elvis-Today's web-site is under construction. We will have the updates as best as possible and Mike's review of each magazine.
Issue: 6
Nice cover with Elvis and older fan. He's receiving an award or plaque from her. This cover is pictured to your right. I would think it was before a concert due to his atire and the title: Elvis Backstage! Nice interview to introduce the magazine with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Nice pictures of Elvis and Tom Jones next to an article about Elvis web-site: Apache Elvis! The best part of this magazine issue is the wonderful backstage photos of Elvis with celebrities. From the 1950's in shots with: Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Bobby Darin, Bill Haley, Lou Costello and Jane Russell. To the 60's and 70's with sightings like: Jackie Wilson, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck and Glen Campbell. All in all, a great issue!
Issue 7:
This issue, we unforutnatley cannot get a photo of. Elvis is in his dark blue and white jumpsute and is preparing to lay down on stage. We will have the cover as soon as possible. The title is: 25 Years After! The opening story: A Boulevard of Broken Dreams, written by Todd Slaughter was very good. It was about the day Colonel Tom Parker called him to tell him that the world's greatest entertainer, was dead. Also the story of Elvis and Todd at Elvis' receiving of his gold record for 'Moody Blue'. The best article in this magazine is '25 Years After The Last Vegas season'. It talks all about Elvis' final shows of his last ever season in Las Vegas. And finally there is a wonderful story about Elvis being inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Along with some nice pictures this magazine really commemorates his death and the 25th Anniversary!
Issue: 8
This is the biggy, it is the official: 25th Anniversary Edition. The cover is brand new with a new logo for Elvis-Today. It has a picture of Elvis up from the late 60's early 70's in a blue shirt. Probably in Palm Springs. We will have the picture and review up soon, Mike still is finishing the magazine.   

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