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The Elvis Presley Tribune!
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Welcome to The Elvis Presley Tribune!

Here is what each link contains. After you visit a page throughout each main link you'll have to return to main. We apologize for this but for now it is what we are doing.
Main: Welcome page and links to the site information.
                  -The News: an indepth look at all the recent Elvis News! View
                  -New Releases: pictures and updates on the newest DVD, VHS,
                   CD, Book, Magazine, Toys and more! View
                  -Elvis Events: Follow all the Elvis Events in Memphis! View
                   -The Albums: a list of Elvis' top albums and singles through the 
                    years. Including pictures. View
                   -The Movies: all 33 of Elvis' movies are listed including pictures, 
                    fun facts and retail availabilty. View
                   -The Concerts: the beginning of every concert engagment or tour
                    Elvis had from 1969 to 1977. View                  
                    -G.I. Blues: a look into the two Army years Elvis spent away 
                     from Hollywood and the world! View
                    -1968 Comeback: a look into the concert that turned it all
                     upside down, again! View
                    -1973 Aloha: a look into the concert that made television 
                      history and proved who was and always would be King! View
                   -Stories: Mike went to Elvis Week 2002 and had some great
                     experiences. He discuss' them day to day. View
                   -Insiders: Mike met with some key Elvis Insiders and also took 
                     pictures! View
                   -Pictures: a link to a page set up with the autographed pictures I 
                     got from three Elvis Insiders! View
                    -Other Photo Links: Graceland, Around Memphis,
                     Fame and Fortune, Candle Light Vigil,
                     Remembering Elvis At 25, Collector's Club Gathering,          
                     25th Anniversary Concert!
         This entire web link is currently under construction, but is updated a lot!
                   -About Mike: the 16 year old kid from Colorado that creates, 
                     edits and monitors The Elvis Presley Tribune! View
                   -Links: we have many friends and search engines on-line,
                     find out about them all! View
                   -Pictures of Mike: View: will soon have some updated photos.
Site Map!