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Collector's Club Meeting!


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Welcome to the Collector Club Meeting Photos! In the early summer of 2002 EPE began the Official Elvis Collector's Club which gives fans a chance to meet people all over the world through the message boards and collect some of the rarest Elvis merchandise! You also get lots of discounts on Elvis Merchandise throughout Memphis and on-line! I was the eleventh member to join the boards and now there are over 2,000 people on the boards! It's a fun place and I encourage everyone to join the club! During Elvis Week we all had the opportunity to meet in Memphis and hear insider information!
1 and 2) Signing autograph books and saying my hello's to fellow members!
3) Elvis' famous white shoes of the 1950's! Nobody outside of the room was allowed to see these from the Graceland Archives!
4) Elvis' first real pair of sun glass' that would become the trademark wear of the 1970's era Elvis!
5) The Press Sampler of 'ELV1S 30 Number 1 Hits', only a few were past out! Nobody other than members received them!
6) My official picture for the message boards with a friend from the club!
I enjoyed meeting everybody and look forward to future meetings and chat







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