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  *G.I. Blues*        *1968 Comeback*        *1973 Aloha*

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Welcome to The Entertainer! On this page you will find three links. "Elvis: G.I. Blues", is a look into Elvis' stint in the United States Army. Girls cried, parents were thrilled and what made Elvis change? The next link "Elvis: 1968 Comeback" is an indepth look at the television special that put Elvis on top again. All it took was a black leather suit, arch-top guitar and one incredible entertainer and people wanted more. And the final link, "Elvis: 1973 Aloha". This link takes you to a page that gives you indepth information on the show that proved Elvis to be the greatest entertainer of all time. It was a time when "thankyouverymuch" would become big. These along with some nice pictures make up The Entertainer. If you want complete information on Elvis, the artist, go to The Artist for more. There you can find Album, Facts, Movies and Concert information. Enjoy!

 ~Elvis Television Performances~
June 5, 1956:  Elvis performs on The Milton Berle Show and sings 'Hound Dog'. This performance sparks the biggest controversy of Elvis' carrer! People start banning Elvis music and collectibles, rock and roll has suddenly become a sexual statement and a little southern boy from Tennessee is leading the way for it!
July 1, 1956: Elvis performs in a tuxedo which is a first!
September 9, 1956: Elvis' debut on the Ed Sullivan show. He would return for two more perofmances! Most watched Sullivan Show of the 1950's!
October 28, 1956: Elvis returns to Sullivan for his second performance! Tops his last record of most watched performance on the Sullivan show.
January 6, 1957: Two days until his twenty-second birthday and close to buying Graceland, Elvis performs the most talked about set to ever hit television in the 1950's. The famous, 'From the Waist Up'. Cameras could no longer film Elvis' whole body. This would hold a record for television; it was the most watched performace ever on television and would hold that record until The Beatles played Sullivan!
January 8, 1959: On his twenty-fourth birthday Elvis makes a transatlantic phone call and has a small chat with Dick Clark on Amercian Bandstand where he assures his fans, Elvis is coming home soon!
May 12, 1960: 'Welcome Home Elvis' with Frank Sinatra is viewed on ABC to welcome back the ex-G.I. Elvis is nervous but performs two brand new songs, 'Stuck On You' and 'Fame and Fortune'. He then goes into a duet with Frank all for the handsome sum of $125,000! Elvis Is Back!
December 3, 1968: After eight years in the movies and eight years of absence from television performances, Elvis returns! He has a new look, a new style but the same stage presence! After the 'sit-down' sessions and some powerful 'broadway-like' numbers, Elvis finshes with 'If I Can Dream', the King has returned to claim his thrown!
January 14, 1973: Elvis performs the first ever Satellite concert. Over the 36 countries watch the king, live! This concert is seen by more than 1.5 billion people, more than man's first walk on the moon! Elvis, though looking his age, performs better than he ever has! His griping vocal songs matched with charasmatic new ways of singing the old songs put Elvis in everyone's eyes as the one and only King, forever!
June 1977: Elvis In Concert begins filming for CBS! A new television special that will be released Christmas of 1977 to help boost Elvis' concerts and record sales. However, Elvis dies before compeletion and as a result, only some footage leaked to the public. The final cut is hidden away at Graceland in the archives department!
December 2002: With the major success of ELV1S 30 Number 1 Hits, the animated movie 'Lilo and Stitch and the worldwide coverage of the 25th Anniversary of Elvis' death, NBC lines up actors, musicians, sports idols, politicians, comedians and more to talk about the King. Some never before seen footage is put in the show and people remember what was and what the future will bring!
*Elvis also had other television appearances in the 1950s on 'The Steve Allen Show', 'Mitlon Berle Show' and 'Stage Show'. Probably his most famous radio appearnces were on 'The Lousinana Hayride'!

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Elvis and Milton Berle!

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