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Michael Seyfert

Hello all Elvis Fans! Thank you very much for visiting my Elvis-site. It took a lot of hard work and time but I really love it and enjoy sharing pictures, news, and Elvis information with you. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I'm a sixteen year old guy from Colorado, which is in the USA. I attend Highschool, I'm a junior. My biggest hobbie is Elvis. I'm a collector, listener and movie-go-er. I love all his work in movies and music. I respect what he has done for the world and popular culture. He is someone I look up to tremendously, I really aim to be like him in life. He was well-mannered, good-looking, charming, and a great person in every category of life. I love all of his songs, espically his vocal performances and rockabilly stuff from the 1950's. My favorite movie by far is King Creole, but I got into him by watching Jailhouse Rock. I also really like Girl Happy, Double Trouble and Blue Hawaii. I think my favorite Elvis era is the 1950's because he truley changed the world in the blink of an eye. I own all of his movies, even the two tough ones to get (Girls, Girls, Girls and It Happened at the World's Fair). I own tons of collectibles that have taken my whole life to collect. My two goals of Elvis merchandise is to one day have every Elvis movie: poster, soundtrack, vhs and dvd. And my second is to one day get something he once owned or autographed. I think one day in my house I will have an Elvis Room, with just all my elvis stuff. My most prized collectable is, well, actually all my stuff is my prized collectable. I think I would give up all I own just to meet the man and spend a day with him. If I had one moment, and only one, to say one thing to him, it wouldn't be how much I like him, or about all my stuff it would simply be: "I respect everything you've done and the person you are". And then I'd like to shake his hand. Thank you for letting me share all my thoughts. Please visit the site often, we have weekly updates and if you join the Fan Forum your support would be appreciated by all members. Thank you so much for visiting.

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