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Welcome to The Movies! Elvis' biggest carrer move of all-time, probably at the demand of the Colonel, was making movies in Hollywood most of his 1960's days. In 1956 Elvis broke onto the big screen in 'Love Me Tender'. He proved that will a little work he could be a fine actor. After his second picture Elvis broke into the two best years of his movie carrer. In 1957 he began working on 'Jailhouse Rock' a great rebel movie about an ex-con who wanted fame and love. After the release of 'Jailhouse Rock' some said Elvis couldn't get any better, he did! In 1958 the release of 'King Creole' proved Elvis to be the biggest and most popular star of the 1950's. He had to leave all of it for the ARMY though in 1958. When Elvis returned home, his first few pictures were great. He made us laugh in 'G.I. Blues', showed the serious side in 'Flaming Star' and 'Wild In The Country' and charmed us with 'Blue Hawaii' and 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. However with the exception of movies like 'Viva Las Vegas' and 'Girl Happy' Elvis' movie carrer failed in the mid and late 60's. He portraid the same kind of characters over and over again. The songs got worse and some movies made critics sick. The fans stayed true and always went to see him but Elvis needed a change. In 1967-68 that change would come. The marriage to Priscilla and the birth of Lisa Marie turned Elvis around forever, he wanted live performances again. For more on Elvis as an artist visit "The Artist" and "The Entertainer". Enjoy!

double trouble!

blue hawaii

king creole!

it happened at the worlds fair!

girl happy!

jailhouse rock!

Elvis Movies And Facts!
1. Love Me Tender: although this was Elvis' first movie, he was given equal  billing with two other co-stars, so techniqually Elvis didn't star in this movie! *DVD/VHS
2. Loving You: in the final song sequence, Elvis' parents are in the audience, after his mother's death he vowed never to watch this movie again!*DVD/VHS
3. Jailhouse Rock: to some people's belief, Elvis' didn't actually cut his hair in the haircut sequence, it was a wig!*DVD/VHS
4. King Creole: this movie was orginally ment to cast James Dean as a trouble-some boxer from New Orleans!*DVD/VHS
5. G.I. Blues: this was Elvis' first musical-comedy movie!*DVD/VHS 
6. Flaming Star: Marlon Brando was orginally thought of for Elvis' role, the orginal title of this film was "Black Star"!*DVD/VHS
7. Wild In The Country: off the set of this film, 17 year old Tuesday Weld and Elvis had a relationship, it was a big media grabber for sometime!*DVD/VHS
8. Blue Hawaii: Joan Blackman, Elvis' leading ladie, was originally going to be played by Juliet Prowse!*DVD/VHS
9. Follow That Dream: shot on location in florida, Elvis had to change his shirt 22 times in one day because of the 100 degree temprature!*VHS
10. Kid Galahad: Elvis lost 12 pounds in the process of training for this film!*VHS
11. Girls, Girls, Girls: this was the first Elvis movie with a nude seen in it! (the kids playing on the dock when Elvis arrives to the island, Elvis covers his co-stars eyes, always the gentlemen, lol)!*DVD
12. It Happened At The World's Fair: when Elvis was given his new atire for this film, fans went crazy. Elvis supposdly wore the slacks losely in this film because at the time it was rumored that he didn't where underwear.*Not On Market 
13. Fun In Acapulco: with the exception of the 136 foot dive, Elvis did all his own stunts in this movie, including the circus act.*DVD/VHS
14. Kissin' Cousins: Elvis played two roles in this film, he racked up more money than any other role for it. The film took less than a month to film!*VHS
15. Viva Las Vegas: the most remembered Elvis movie, why, because of the biggest romance in hollywood during the 60's. Elvis and Ann!*DVD/VHS
16. Roustabout: Barbara Stanwyck's character was orginally going to be played by Mae West!*DVD/VHS
17. Girl Happy: Elvis' favorite co-star Shelly Fabares was cast for her first on three Presley picutres. She was Elvis' favorite co-star!*VHS
18. Tickle Me: this was such a low budget film that they used ealry 1960's songs for the soundtrack, Elvis had to lip-sync every song!*VHS
19. Harum Scarum: orginally titled "Harum Holiday", this was film is regarded as Elvis' worst. It was shot in 18 days and there was a possibilty of a talking camel put into it, thank gosh that didn't happen!*VHS
20. Frankie and Johnny: this film was directed by Fredrick de Cordova, he later created "The Tonight Show"!*DVD/VHS
21. Paradise, Hawaiian Style: not one of Elvis best, film and sound wise!*DVD/VHS
22. Spinout: there was three orginal titles before Spinout: After Midnight, Never Say No and Never Say Yes!*VHS
23. Easy Come, Easy Go: this film almost never happened because of countinues fighting and arguing between Elvis and director John Rich!*DVD/VHS
24. Double Trouble: Annette Day, 18, shot her first film in Double Trouble. At the end of shooting Elvis gave her a mustang as a congrats gift!*VHS
25. Clambake: elvis became depressed, gained weight and ended up with a concussion before this film because he was so tired of the same old stuff!*DVD/VHS
26. Stay Away, Joe: Katy Jurado, played Elvis' step-mother in this film. Before shooting, she broke a few toes, but took the cast off when shooting began. Watch her closely next time when you watch the movie, she limps!*VHS
27. Speedway: Nancy Sinatra co-starred with Elvis, it was the first time there was a solo other than Elvis on the soundtrack!*VHS
28. Live A Little, Love A Little: Elvis first swearing role. This was a comedy filled with nothing but sex and laughs!*VHS
29. Charro! first movie that Presley ever had a beard in. There was only one Elvis song in this entire picture, to little to late!*DVD/VHS
30. The Trouble With Girls: this movie was going to come out in 1959, then 1960, and 1964 with names like Dick Van Dyke, Glenn Ford and Hope Lange all signing at one time to do it with Elvis, not '59!*VHS
31. Change of Habit: Elvis' last feature film. It was based around a true story!*DVD/VHS
32. That's The Way It Is: featured behind the scenes and concert footage of Elvis in Las Vegas, '69-'70!*DVD/VHS Special Edition
33. Elvis On Tour: An indepth look at Elvis' tour days of '74-'75!*VHS   
*availablity for DVD and VHS!


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