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elvis and celeste!

 The Interview With Celeste Yarnall: Questions!
1) When did you meet Elvis Presley and what was your impression?
2) What had you known and thought of Elvis before you met him?
3) From your film with him, was he a good actor in your opinion or in other words, did he get into his character well?
4) Did you and Elvis spend time together off camera?
5) During filming did he seem to be a private man or was he easy going and easy to talk with?
6) Elvis had just become a father, did he talk much of that are concentrate mainly on the film?
7) Did you meet Priscilla during filming?
8) Could you say that you and Elvis had any romantic chemistry or was it strictly acting and friendship?
9) How did others get along with yourself and Elvis on set?
10) Elvis filmed the 1968 Comeback Special one month after filming ended. Was this something he knew about and discussed on set and if so, what was his mood about it?
11) Did you and Elvis stay friends after filming, did you ever meet with him again?
12) For the ladies: Was Elvis a Good kisser?
13) What was your most memorable moment of filming 'Live a Little, Love a Little'?
14) What was your least memorable moment of filming?
15) Have you been to Graceland either when Elvis was living or after his death, if so, what's your impression?
16) The thing that made you distinct in the film was when Elvis sings, 'A Little Less Conversation' to you. What has your view been on the remixed single in the year 2002 and it's success?
17) Which is your favorite, original or remix?
18) What were you doing on August 16th, 1977 when you found out about Elvis' death. Did you attend the funeral?
19) This being the 25th Anniversary of Elvis' death, in just a few words, tell us what Elvis means to you and the world?
20) Tell us a little bit about yourself before the movies, where did you grow up etc?
21) How did you get into acting and was it something you've always wanted to do?
22) What was your favorite role you've played?
23) What are you doing now, and are you living in the USA?
24) Talk to us a little bit about your family life: Husband or children?
25) What is the one thing you want people to get out of this interview about yourself or Elvis?

live a little, love a little!

The Interview with Celeste Yarnall! On July 14th, Mike was contacted about an on-line interview he could conduct with Elvis co-star, Celeste Yarnall. She was the young woman who played Ellen in 'Live A Little, Love A Little'. But incase you didn't catch her characters name, because of her stunning looks, she is the young woman Elvis sings 'A Little Less Conversation' too. With the unexpected bang of the songs remix, we felt it approprate to have this interview. You can also find Celeste in Star Trek, The original 'Nutty Proffesor', 'Funny About Love', 'Born Yesterday' and many other movies and shows. To find out more about Celeste visit her web-sites at:    and ! Below are both the questions and answers to the interview and another picture with Elvis and the movie cover! We'd like to aknowledge our gratitude once again to Celeste Yarnall and her partner who contacted us. Thank you very much for the interview and we hope to stay in contact with you over the years. Thanks again!

Interview With Celeste Yarnall: Answers!
1. We met at MGM Studios during the filming of "Live A Little, Love A Little."
2. I thought he was "The King."
3. He was terrific to work with...a very talented actor.
4. Yes.  We had lunch most days in his dressing room.
5. Very easy going and very interested in you.
6. We talked a bit about his being a father.
7. Briefly.
8. We had strong chemistry.
9. Elvis made everyone feel at home.
10. We didn't talk about this.
11. That's a long story!
12. The best!
13. The "A Little Less Conversation" song he sings to me was very special.  I
loved the song, and he gave me the sound engineer's disc that we filmed to.
14. No reply
15. No reply
16. I think it's great.  I bought 45 copies!
17. The original, as it's such a special memory.
18. I was driving my car.  I did not attend.
19. He was truly one of the most special people I have ever met.  I feel he's
still with us in spirit.
20. Los Angeles, California.
21. I always wanted to act.  I was very lucky.  Please see my bio on my film
22. Well, of course, Ellen in "Live A Little, Love A Little," but the "Velvet
Vampire" was fun, as well as Bonanza, Star Trek, and Man From U.N.C.L.E.
23. I live in Westlake Village, California.
Besides acting (I did a film last year, which we're waiting to hear about
called "Shrink Rap" directed by Doug Cox.  One of my co-stars is Priscilla
Barnes from "Three's Company," and she was a lot of fun), I am involved in
holistic healthcare for dogs and cats.  I am the author of Natural Dog Care
and Natural Cat Care.  I have raised 8 generations of Tonkinese show cats
on the principles in my books, which includes teaching people to make their
own food for dogs and cats.  I've even designed  a line of whole food
supplements including essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes with a
holistic vet.  We have prepared for us people food for pets utilizing
naturally raised meat, poultry, and organic vegetables.  You add our
supplements to your own meat, or to ours, and voila!  You have homemade
food!  There is no cooking required.  It's all raw baby!  That's the way
Nature intended them to eat and have done so for 32 million years.  Our
animals are super healthy and beautiful!  Check out my website,, for more info, or feel free to call us at (888) CEL-PETS.
24. I'm twice divorced.  I have a 32 year old daughter, Camilla, who is happily
married to my terrific son-in-law, Steve Forte, and I have a beautiful
granddaughter who will be 5 this September.
25. I'd love to have you all join my fan club at Yahoo Groups
(, so that we can be one big
happy family united by our memories of Elvis and all stay in touch.  I like
to meet fans at conventions (I sell my autographed photos).  We'd also love
to help everyone who has cats and dogs improve their animals' health and

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