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Welcome To Interviews! On this page you'll find links to interviews Mike and The Elvis Presley Tribune have conducted with Elvis co-stars, friends, authors and others. We will try to get some of the unknown experts about the man to share their insight on certain Elvis topics. We will have interviews with co-stars and other famous celebrities that had a friendship or rleationship with Elvis. And we will try our hardest to contact those closest to the King, like fellow Memphis Mafia members. When an interview is in the finalizing steps, you may join the Fan Forum and place your questions for the person being interview, if appropriate, it will be passed along into the interview. Please check here often or contact Mike to get e-mails of new interviews. Also, check Coming Soon for interviews we have in thr future! Our biggest news, interview with Celeste Yarnall!

Contacts In Progress:
Ann Margret:    Co-star of 'Viva Las Vegas'!
Junkie XL:   D.J. remixed #1 single 'A Little Less Conversation'!
Scott of EPE:  moderator of Elvis Collector's Club Message Boards!
There will be three topics in this section:
1) Interviews: those we have conducted, click and read.
2) Coming Soon: these are finalized interviews that are coming.
3) Contacts In Progress: we've contacted and await reply.

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