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August 16th, Memphis 2002!

turner classic movies tribute!

Welcome to Elvis Week Information! Now that the 25th Anniversary Elvis Week is over, we have small information. The best place to be for 'Post-EW' information is either or our own 'Memories'. currently has archive updates and the 2002 Vigil Cast! Mike was interviwed on the Vigil Cast, watch that if you missed it! We will have any updates that relate to Elvis Week 2002 or next year's Elvis Week 2003! Thanks for joining the Tribune this year in our Elvis Week Marathon!

Elvis Coin!

Elvis Birthday Celebration Events!
Graceland presents several days of events each year surrounding the anniversary of Elvis' birthday, January 8. It's sort of a condensed version of Elvis Week in August - fewer days and events, a more intimate gathering of people, lower temperatures, and every bit as much fun. We will follow updates and post them.

Elvis Presley Birthday Celebration 2003
Saturday, January 4 - Wednesday, January 8


Elvis Fan Club Presidents Banquet & Dance
6:00 PM 9:00 PM dinner and program. 9:00 PM-12:00 Midnight dance. Location to be determined. This years theme for the annual Birthday gathering of Elvis fan club presidents and officers is high school prom in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Elvis senior year at Humes High. Classmates of Elvis to be among special guests. Dance with a deejay spinning Elvis records follows the meal and program. President and one officer attend free and president may invite two additional officers for a fee of $30.00 per person. Presidents will receive official invitations with all the details.
Elvis Birthday Dance Party
All Elvis fans are invited to attend the dance portion of the fan club presidents event. Advance and at-the-door tickets for only the dance: $15.00. All attendees are encouraged to bring a monetary donation to the Memphis Humane Society. The MHS will be there selling the Elvis fund-raiser T-shirt licensed by EPE. Advance tickets go on sale November 1. Ticket sales are handled by the Graceland Sales/Reservations Department: (901)332-3322 or 800-238-2000. E-mail:
Andy Childs at Elvis Presleys Memphis
Elvis fan favorite Andy Childs performs at at Elvis Presleys Memphis, 126 Beale Street. Music start at 7:30 PM. Regular $5.00 cover charge. No reservations. Details to come about a meal discount offer for fans who have tickets to the dance event.


Gospel Brunch with Terry Mike Jeffrey at Elvis Presleys Memphis
11:00 AM and 1:00 PM seatings for brunch and a live gospel music show by Elvis fan favorite, singer Terry Mike Jeffrey. Elvis Presleys Memphis, 126 Beale Street. Price is $21.95 per person and includes tax and gratuity. Standing-room tickets (no meal) are available for $10.00. Advance tickets will be available, going on sale November 1. Ticket sales are handled by Elvis Presley's Memphis in person or by phone (Not set up for E-mail orders. Sorry.) Call Jennifer Dorman at(901) 527-6900, ext. 107. E-mail for questions:
Special Evening Tours of Graceland
Tour start time availability: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM.
Terry Mike Jeffrey at Elvis Presleys Memphis
All-Elvis music sets by Terry Mike Jeffrey and his band. Music starts at 8:30 PM. Regular $5.00 cover. No reservations. Elvis Presleys Memphis, 126 Beale Street.


Viva Las Vegas Sing-Along and Elvis Disco at Elvis Presleys Memphis
8:00 PM movie. 9:30 PM Elvis Disco. Elvis Presleys Memphis, 126 Beale Street. Regular $5.00 cover charge. No reservations. Viva Las Vegas screened with fans invited to sing, dance and speak dialogue along with the film, specially subtitled for this event. Fans invited to attend dressed as a character in the movie (Elvis and Ann-Margarets characters, a showgirl or general shagadelic 1960s attire are suggestions.) Elvis Disco with a deejay spinning Elvis records follows the film.


Elvis Collectors Club Evening at Graceland
Exclusively for members of the Elvis Collectors Club. Special evening tour of Graceland, start times available 5:30 PM 6:30 PM.
Stan Perkins at Elvis Presleys Memphis
Live music performed by Stan Perkins (son of the late, great Carl Perkins) at Elvis Presleys Memphis, 126 Beale Street. Music starts at 8:30 PM. Regular $5.00 cover charge. No reservations.


Elvis Presley Day Proclamation Ceremony
11:45 AM. Front lawn of Graceland Mansion. No admission charge. The annual ceremony with EPE management and city and county officials proclaiming Elvis Presley Day in Memphis and Shelby County. BMG/RCA Records officials will present sales awards for Elvis global number one smash album ELVIS 30 #1 HITS.
Open House at Presley Place
2:00 PM 4:00 PM. Free admission.


Walk-Up Times for the Meditation Garden
Happy Hour at Heartbreak Hotel
6:00 PM 9:00 PM, January 6, 7 & 8.!

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