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Ernst Jorgensen and Me!

Jerry Shilling and Me!

Larry Geller and Me!

DJ Fontana signing my picture!

Myrna Smith and Me!

Peter Guralnick before Vigil Cast!

Priscilla's Parents: They did come to the Vigil Cast for an interview and it was kind of astonishing getting to see them. It was as big of a surprise as Jerry Shilling for me! We were not allowed to take photos or talk to them. They were in and out because of the weather!
Julie Parrish: Actress in 'Paradise, Hawaiian Style' that also had an interview on the Vigil Cast. After my interview I had somewhat whorn out my welcome and it was my time to get in line for the vigil. So her interview was after mine and I did not get to get a photo or chat! 

Welcome to Elvis Week Insiders! While on my Elvis Week trip I met many Elvis Insiders!  I had a wonderful time chatting with them and getting autographs and I will post my stories and pictures here! 
Ernst Jorgensen: The RCA producer that does it all when it comes to Elvis' music. He is also the co-founder of Follow That Dream Music and author of multiple Elvis books! I had the privilage of meeting Ernst in Memphis on August 13th. He conducted a conference that discussed Follow That Dream. He gave updates as to upcoming products and also answered questions. I found out that unless Turner Entertainment makes a deal within a year to two, 'Elvis On Tour' will be released by RCA as a special package of never before heard material! It will be a some-what follow up to TTWII SE. After the conversations where over, I got an opportunity to grab this photo, a hand shake and a quick word about his books. Thanks Ernst!
Jerry Shilling: This was a quick meeting but one I've waited for, for a long time. One of Elvis' very close personal friends and one of the two men who accompanied Elvis to Washington to meet with Nixon was interviewed on the Candlelight Vigil Cast. Standing in the freezing rain waiting for my interview I was able to get a quick word and a photo! Thanks Jerry!
Joe Esposito: Joe was one of Elvis' most personal an closest friends. They became friends in the Army and from 1960 to 1977, Joe was always by Elvis' side for anything he needed! The only times I saw Joe was first at the Peabody Hotel where he signed an autograph and I just complimented him quickly and at the Conversations on Elvis where he was joined by Pattie Perry, Charlie Hodge, and Larry Geller. Unfortunatley Joe had to leave for Graceland before I could grab a picture! Thanks for the autograph Joe!
Larry Geller: Elvis' spiratual friend and confidant. Larry was with Elvis from the mid-sixties to the end and was Elvis' hair stylest and relgious confidant!  got to talk with Larry twice. The first was at the Conversations on Elvis where I grabbed a photo and a small conversation on his book. The second was again on the lawn at Graceland where we both awaited our interviews for the Vigil Cast. Thanks Larry!
Charlie Hodge: Another on of Elvis' closest friends and confidants. Charlie met Elvis in the Army like Joe and was with him to the end! Charlie played guitar and back up vocals for Elvis in the 70's concert years too. Got to meet with Charlie twice, the first was when I got his autograph at the Peabody Hotel and the second was when I attended the Conversations on Elvis. Very funny guy it seemed and it was a privilage to meet him, he was one of the last mafia members along with Joe and Larry! Thanks Charlie, glad you where able to make it to Memphis!
DJ Fontana: Elvis' drummer in the 1950's, early 1960's and ofcourse; played in the very famous 'Comeback Special'. I only got to meet with DJ once and that was when he signed an autograph for me at the Peabody Hotle. Thanks DJ!
Patti Perry: The only female member of the Memphis Mafia and at one time Elvis' hairstylest! Patti was at the Conversations On Elvis and had to leave before I could grab a photo or autograph!
Myrna Smith: A member of the Sweet Inspirations, original member. I got to meet her prior to the Collector Club Meeting in the Peabody and grab this photo! She performed at the 25th Anniversary Concert! Thanks Myrna!
Peter Guralnick: A wonderful author of Elvis books and very smart man when it comes to Elvisology! Right when I was going to talk to him and grab a picture I was rushed to a different location on the lawn of Graceland because the power had gone out in Peter's location for the Vigil Cast, I didn't get a picture or autograph. Hopefully next time!

Thank You To All The Wonderful Elvis Insiders!