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Elvis: G.I. Blues!


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Elvis In the Army!

In 1956, Elvis had hit the top of the mountain. It was undenieable that Elvis was quickly becoming the King and he had the movies, music, money and looks to do as he pleased. By the end of 1957 he had made three movies and had toured the entire country. He had hits out like "Jailhouse Rock", "All Shook Up", and "Don't Be Cruel". Each time he cut a new record it would get bigger than the previous, he was unchallenged and untamed when it came to entertainment. In 1958 Elvis was beginning work on his new motion picture King Creole, a movie intended for the late James Dean, when he received unhappy news. The United States Army had just chosen him to be drafted! What would he do? He couldn't just leave his millions of fans but he knew it was his duty to join the military. Elvis asked for a 60 day delay on his induction, so he could finish King Creole. On March 24, 1958 at 6:35a.m., Elvis along with friends and family report to the draft board, he joins 12 other recruits and heads for Kennedy Veterans Memorial Hospital. After recieving his equipment and new uniform, Elvis is given serial number: 53 310 761. He is given a quick physical and then put incharge of his platoon and sent to Fort Chaffee. Elvis is now in the Army and treated as one. He arrives in Arkansas and there, infront of 55 reporters, has his hair cut. He is given assignment in Fort Hood Texas in the Second Armored Division. In August 1958, sad news hits Elvis. His mother Gladys is failing in health. When she is rushed to the hospital in Memphis, Elvis takes a leave and rushes home. She dies the next day of an apparent heart attack. Elvis is in total shock, the person he loved more than anything, more than music, has died and left him. However, Elvis pulls all he has left together to full fill his Army stint. In September 1958, Elvis leaves for duty in Germany. While there, he meets Priscilla Beaulieu. She is only 14 years old but Elvis finds something in her, a closeness like he had with his mother. Also while in Europe, Elvis and his buddies expereince some of the night life while the make a two week trip through Paris. In November, protesters are put in jail for chatting 'Long Live Elvis' as part of demonstartion acts against the German government! On January 5th 1960, Elvis kisses his Army days goodbye as a Sergeant. He is formly discharged and leaves the Army. He has served two years (one in Germany) in the United States Army, proudly and also sadly. For Elvis has gained maturity and a relationship of major proportions, however, he has also gained drug use, and a loss rebellion in his music and a loss of his best friend(Gladys). Visit Elvis: 1968 Comeback and Elvis: 1973 Aloha!


elvis army!


From the Editor:  In my own opinion, I think the ARMY was truley the worst thing that could have happened to Elvis. He was a rebel, running hot in movies and music, he had his mother and there was no Priscilla. After the ARMY days it was nothing but movies, a failed marriage, a loss of mother, and no more hip-shaking. In my opinion, Elvis was truley lonely and as an artist, very mad at Parker. The two good things I think that came out of the early sixties though: 1) Elvis matured, which he would have needed by 1962 and 2) Blue Hawaii. I loved all his movies but after 1962 I didn't find as much fire in him as his '60, '61 and '62 films. Priscilla was a good choice but I think he would have been happier with Ann Margret. And it was good for him to have Lisa Marie.

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