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Elvis: 1973 Aloha!


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Aloha From Hawaii!

In November 1972 an announcment was made that Elvis would have a concert from Honolulu, Hawaii that would be seen the world over. It would be the first ever Satellite Concert by any artist and the first use of the new technolgy. In early January of 1973, Elvis and buddies flew to Hawaii. Elvis would perform infront of his biggest crowd ever, the world! When Elvis arrived, he looked tired and not in the best shape. However, that would quickly change. Elvis got himself back in shape and a nice tan. He had his hair redone and trimmed perfectly. By the time rehearshal began, Elvis had only the material he had used for the recent New York tour. The same concert from New York, would be shown on the new film Elvis On Tour! Elvis knew he couldn't play the same songs if he wanted a brand new and bigger crowd. He threw together new hits like, "Welcome To My World", "I'll Remember You" and "Steamroller Blues". He also used older hits like "Can't Stop Loving You" and "Suspicious Minds". He also put in obvious songs like "Burning Love" and his 1950's hits. At an earlier press confrence, Elvis had promised "a good show" with "pure entertainment". And he would not upset! On January 14th, 1973 at 12:30am Hawaii time, Elvis began the Aloha From Hawaii: Via Satellite Concert. He arrived on stage in a custom made red, white, blue and assorted other colors jumpsuit that featured the American Eagle! He looked better than ever and was at his peak when it came to his voice. Song after song brought more and more viewers. It was closely estimated that the concert was seen by 38 countries and more than 1.5 billion people. It attracted 50%, possibly more, of the TV audience that night. In the end, Elvis would have a number 1 album and a concert that would be remembered always as one of,  if not, his greatest performance. But that wasn't the end of Aloha. For the United States fans he stayed extra hours after the concert to perform five songs. Until the recent release of the concert on video only America would see songs like, 'Blue Hawaii' and 'Early Morning Rain'. Elvis' cape and belt which were thrown to the crowd have found their home back at Graceland! The original film and the rehearsal concert are now available on VHS, DVD and CD by the names of Aloha from Hawaii: Via Satellite and The Alternate Aloha! In 2003 it is reported that both the Aloha Special and 1968 Special will be re-released with new angles, footage and sound quality!

the entire concert!

aloha hawaii!

aloha elvis!

From The Editor:  This concert was the best thing Elvis could have done in the 1970's. After 1972 it looked like Elvis might be going down hill but after this concert he had a new found energy that kept him going until 1975. This in my opinion was the greatest performance Elvis ever gave to his fans. His voice is amazing and his sadder songs make you almost want to cry. When I think of the 70's Elvis, this concert and performance are "Always on my Mind".

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