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"Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do em all together, I guess." 

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Welcome to The 1950's! On this page you will find a summary about Elvis' early days in the 1950's. He toured, created a new sound and became the biggest star of music the world would ever see. He ran wild on the charts and exploded into Hollywood with four teriffic performances. He was the true "rags to riches" story. Learn of his days of poverty, explosion into Rock music and some of his biggest hits. Also on this page, a list of the major Elvis television apperances in the 1950's. For his movie carrer information, Mature and the Movies is the place to look, for his 1970's touring schedule, King of the Road is the place to visit. And on Triple Elvis we have three stories of G.I. Blues, the 1968 Comeback and the 1973 Aloha. Enjoy!
Early 1950's TV Apperances!
-Jauary 28: Stage Show, 8:00pm.
-February 4: Stage Show, 8:00pm.
-February 11: Stage Show, 8:00pm.
-February 18: Stage Show, 8:00pm.
-March 17: Stage Show, 8:00pm.
-March 24: Stage Show, 8:00pm.
-April 3: Milton Berle Show.
-June 5: Milton Berle Show, 8:00pm
-July 1: The Steve Allen Show, 8:00pm.
-September 9: The Ed Sullivan Show(1).

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In 1935, Glady's and Vernon Presley gave birth to two sons. The first, Jesse Garon was still born. The second, Elvis Aron, was alive and well .He grew up in the worst part of Tuepelo Miss. He was seen as one of the poorest kids in town. However, Elvis was destine for great things but not in Mississppii. When Elvis was in middle school his family moved north to Memphis, Tennessee. There, although still poor, Elvis would become influenced by the people and music around him. In high school he became a truck driver and made his first Memphis performance in a high school talent show. It wasn't his first all around performance though. Elvis was seen as somone different. He was poor, a truck driver, and wore akward clothes and hair styles that only african-americans wore at that time. Music fueled Elvis right into Sun studios in 1954 to do a recording of "My Happiness".  In 1955, the localy owned record studio in Memphis, called Elvis back this time was by special request from the owner Sam Phillips. Elvis, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black kicked around a few tunes and pretty soon they had "That's Allright Mama". It was expolsive an something no one had ever heard. After that release the rest became history. In 1956, Elvis singed a new contract and became the biggest star the world had ever seen. With his hip-shakin' style Elvis pushed Rock 'n' Roll into the white supremecy as the number one sound. He revolutionized the world with his music and stunned us with his talent in Hollywood. In all the late 50's brought Elvis hits like "Hound Dog", "Don't Be Cruel" and his first national hit "Heartbreak Hotel". He starred in rebel roles like "Jailhouse Rock" and "King Creole" and showed his shy-country boy side in "Love Me Tender" and "Loving You". He had established himself. He bought a castle known as Graceland and became the highest paid entertainer of the decade. He truley was the King of Rock 'N' Roll now! He had it all but it would all end quickly, for Uncle Sam would come a calling to Graceland's mailbox. Elvis had been drafted!

Concert 1957!

Early 1950's TV Apperances!
-January 6: The Ed Sullivan Show(3).
Elvis also made many newmerous apperances
on Lousiana Hayride and also had many touring
concerts in these days. He also was on the
Grand Ole' Oprey once There was a second
Ed Sullivan apperance however, my
books do not label a specific date, sorry!

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