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Pictures of Mike!


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Pictures of Mike!
1) August 2002: Picture taken by the Gazette Telegraph for the 'Elvis 25th Anniversary' news article conducted in early August 2002! Taken in Mike's room with 'Jailhouse Rock' poster as backing. Mike was chosen as the teen fan and one of the biggest in the city of Colorado Springs/El Paso County! For that story go to 'Stories' in the 'Memories' section: View!
2) Unknown Date: I was just a little kid in this photo! Probably not yet interested in Elvis but it would come soon!
3) Unknown Date: Another one of me as a little guy! This was on project day in Sunday school. Couldn't even tell then that my hair would get darker, lol, I was a blonde!
4) January 2003: A very recent photo for the church directory. They took a bunch of pictures and got me by surprise on this one, I wasn't really ready. But thats me at my present age!
5) October 2002: At the Coco Palms Hotel in Hawaii! Elvis filmed 'Blue Hawaii' there and spent many vacations in a big hut across the small stream flowing through the hotel. Unfortunetly the hotel was brutaly damaged in a 1992 hurricane and has never been restored nor bought! They now have walk through tours available! I still thinking EPE should buy it and make it an Elvis Hawaiian Resort!
6) October 2002: On the over look deack of our Hawaii condo in October! Aloha!
More Photos Coming Soon, Both Recent And Old!

Gazette Photo!

another one of me little!

at coco palms 2002!

Mike when he was little!

recent picture!

in hawaii!

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