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The Elvis Presley Tribune!
25th Anniversary Concert!


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Welcome To the 25th Anniversary Concert! I think the coolest thing for any young fan do to is to see this show. I've never been able to see him live in concert because of his death nine years before my birth. And even though the footage and music is the same as movies and documentaries, the feeling is much greater! When you sit there and watch all these people and the band on stage you don't even think he isn't there. You just watch the screen's and imagine for that two hours or more that your at an Elvis Presley Concert! It was a lot of fun and I sang to everything ofcourse!
1) The intro to the first half. Elvis sings trouble with his red archtop guitar wearing all black!
2) Elvis' whole music carrer was documented in the first half of the show. Along with the Dempseys and DJ Fontana, Elvis is introduced as he was in 1956 to the world. He sings 'Heartbreak Hotel' and other hits!
3) Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show singing 'Peace in the Valley' with back up vocals by the Jordaniers!
4) Elvis sings 'If I Can Dream' in all white!
5) More of 'If I Can Dream', although I've seen this performance 1,000 times this was still very touching!
6) End of the first show: Elvis sings gospel music with all of his back-up singers including the Stamps! This is 'How Great Thou Art'.
7) Beginning of Concert: Elvis sings from the famous Aloha Concert! TCB Band on stage! The opening was a limousine protected by Elvis' confidants driving to the stage, it made it feel real!
8) Elvis singing 'See See Rider'.
9) Elvis singing 'In The Ghetto'.
10) Saying 'Hangloose' and 'Thankyouverymuch', end of concert!
11) Lisa Marie Presley did make an appearnce but was to nervous to sing so they played her song "Nobody Noticed" (off new album) which talked about her dad! She got the biggest ovation of the evening!
12) Priscilla Presley right before the concert making an announcement and welcome to the fans, she would go on to receive an award for 'A Little Less Conversation' Remix from RCA!













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