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Fame and Fortune!


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Welcome To Fame and Fortune! In August 2003 I had two rare moments of the spotlight for being an Elvis fan! The first was the Colorado Springs newspaper article which you can find on the Stories page: View! The second, and most fun, I was offered a spot on the 2003 VigilCast from Graceland, Live! I got soaked in the major rain storm that evening before the Vigil began! Even in the freezing rain and power problems for the VigilCast Staff, I had so much fun. I got to meet a few other fans, one of the AOL Staff members that was putting together the ELV1S 30 Number 1 Hits web site, and some Elvis Insiders including Jerry Shilling! My spot was about 50 minutes into the VigilCast and even though I'm 'All Shook Up' cause I'm so cold, I talked for a few moments about being a fan and the Collector Club message boards! I had a blast and would like to thank everyone involved in getting me up there that night and giving me the opportunity to have a small bit of Fame and Fortune, lol!
View Vigil Cast 2002!                View Vigil Cast 2002!
1) Preparing to go on, getting wet in the rain!
2) Getting ready to go live to the whole world on AOL!
3-8) My interview on the 2002 VigilCast from Graceland!









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